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Confessions From 20 Straight Guys Who Went Gay For Pay

This was good news for most couples, who will see a lower tax bill as a result. But those on the extreme ends of the income spectrum should beware: Their liability may actually go up once they tie the knot. What effect is this going to have on their taxes?

Clerk in Kentucky Chooses Jail Over Deal on Same-Sex Marriage

For newlyweds who make roughly the same amount of money, the difference could be minimal. Two high-income earners who make similar salaries can sometimes get bumped into a higher tax bracket. For married couples filing jointly, that amounts to 0.

Newlyweds on the opposite end of the income scale may also be penalized by the IRS. Here too, the penalty tends to occur when couples make roughly the same amount of money. Figure 1. Most newlyweds, if anything, will receive a bonus by filing as a married taxpayer. Same-sex couples, like other married taxpayers, can file in one of two ways.

Most of the time, experts say, couples benefit by filling out a joint return. They're able to average out their incomes that way. In addition, completing a joint is usually the best way for married people to lower their taxable income.


After talking for a few months, Star invited Schwandt to fly to LA and meet. Initially, they assumed it would be just a fling, but it developed into a serious relationship. But perhaps most suspicious is that Schwandt had only been with women before Star! In an interview with Paper Magazine , Star confirmedt his boyfriend was straight before meeting, only ever having been with women. I know everyone wants to label him.

I think it just makes Nathan, Nathan. Gender is irrelevant, and if you love somebody, you love somebody. A post shared by Nathan Schwandt datschwandt on May 6, at 3: But like Star commented, gender is irrelevant to them.

Gay sex for paying the rent - gay daddy & gay bear

And even when they met, it was like they had known each other for years; their connection was unmatched. And it was actually Schwandt who encouraged Star to start his YouTube channel and makeup company in the first place! A post shared by Nathan Schwandt datschwandt on Jun 7, at 3: In fact, he worked in the warehouse where the cosmetics were being made, all to make sure Jeffree Star Cosmetics was running smoothly.

Now, since Schwandt grew up in Michigan, taking Star home to meet his family was no doubt nerve-wracking.

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