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After those initial steps are taken, the following happens according to the personal account on Korean Expose. At this point, the bottom can either choose to accept or reject these advances. If they hit it off, the fun begins. Few words are ever exchanged inside the sauna.

One can decide on how private he wants to be during the intimate act by opting for one of the so-called private rooms or the communal room where everything is on display. I wasn't going to run out of money or anything and could have gone to at least a couple more places after Korea, but I was spending it way faster than I earned it and I wanted to keep traveling and not get a job back home, so I needed a way to earn money. One of my friends used to work briefly at a host bar, so he kind of suggested it if I was willing.

A Look Into The Secret World of South Korea’s Gay Saunas

I've definitely noticed a few differences, but I can't say all of them are necessarily from being Korean. My sample size of American girls isn't exactly large. From what I've seen here it's sometimes some 'landscaping work', often nothing. That's really the only thing I can definitively put up to culture differences.

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One of the girls here my youngest client I've had kind of I don't know if that's just her, or an age thing, or what. The kissing during sex seems a bit different with most women here, too, but I don't know if that's a regular difference or if it's just a difference with the American girls I've been with. It's really variable. The most I've made in a single week was about 2 million won around bucks. That's not the norm though, and there's some weeks I don't make any money.

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So is it enough to live on? Do you average 1k a week? That's some serious income right there. Yeah, it's enough to live on and I'm saving up money too. I've never really calculated an average, but I usually 'work' at least some every week. I've only been doing it about weeks, so I don't have a huge span of time to take from. I live in a pretty cheap place. It's tiny, but I don't need space for anything.

A Look Into The Secret World of South Korea's Gay Saunas - Koreaboo

Food is cheap as shit here compared to the US but still more than when I was in Thailand. My expenses aren't terribly high in general, so I pocket most of what I make. If I was ever short on cash really all I'd need to do is only drink Korean booze, and no imported liquor.

They tax the fuck out of that. I'm 24, and I'd say I'm attractive by Korean standards. I'm not as 'pretty' as a lot of Korean guys, but that's kind of my look.

Prostitution in South Korea

I don't have a typical rate so much, and my criteria for pricing depends on a lot that I haven't really itemized exactly, it's just like in my head. I don't think there's a big market for white guys here, so if you're trying to move in on my market I'll have to fight you. Please ignore what I said above, I'm actually a pound wall of solid muscle so don't even try it. Seriously though, it's kind of a niche thing I think.

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Some girls may just be curious about white guys, others I think that being white kind of makes it 'definitely not going to be serious' type of thing. My clients are women that are in the ish range and their parents are constantly nagging them that they should get married or setting them up on blind dates with their friends' kids , so my clients are really just looking for intimacy that they have no expectations to go anywhere with.

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How would you rate the attractiveness of your clients? Would you give them a second glance if you weren't being paid to entertain them? Is it ever hard to "perform" due to you not being attracted to them? Most are actually surprisingly attractive. Never had a client that was hideous or anything. I have one semi regular client who I feel like I should be the one paying, and most of them I could see hooking up with if I met them under different circumstances. After a few drinks or something.

If you're a fun person and you just want to get wasted you wouldn't have to pay anything! If you were a client, I don't really have a set price and it would depend on a lot of factors that I really just figure in my head. I don't have my own website or anything, but I post online. I'd rather not say where, since obviously I kind of stick out. Therefore, any activity outside this website is outside our ability to control and its intention is strictly between the grown-up parties that are involved in their communication.

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