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My straight guys are easy to get along with because all they talk about are girls which I know about since that's who I hang with and dumb straight boy stuff which I find mildly entertaining. But, the gays are the gays.

A room full of 'mos is like a tank full of potential dates, husbands, and friends. Set aside the fact that, despite our sexuality, we're all men and men like to mark their territory be that another man or just the room in general , so there is a lot of funky energy going on. Enter a gay social event and some are cruising, some boozin', others schmoozing.

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It's like a free for all. I lock up because I like to know what to expect. And, in a room full of gays it's difficult to know what's going to happen or not happen. Inevitably, I clam and revert to my introverted half. Fret not, we are not lost causes here. It takes practice. If your comfort lies with the girls, that's why you have no problem being in the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants. But, if it makes you uncomfortable you should probably try it on.

It is through this discomfort that our brains are trained into comfort. By actively seeking out the discomfort, the anxiety and tension lessen and eventually, the action becomes comfortable. Get it? This time, instead of focusing on them, make it a point to start a conversation or flirt a little with at least one boy.

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It's going to be extremely uncomfortable and your crew will probably giggle, but eventually, you'll strike gay gold and meet someone cool. First, there's nothing wrong with having a troop full of females.

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